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BTL Calculator calculates the return on investment for UK buy to let property investments. Save valuable time and have the maths done for you at the touch of a button.

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Crucial numbers at your fingertips.

Return on investment (ROI) calculations lie at the heart of a successful property investment strategy. BTL Calculator places ROI numbers at your fingertips. Whether you need an at-a-glance overview or a detailed breakdown of figures, BTL Calculator has you covered.

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How valuable is your time?

You need to be in the deal to make money. And where do you add most value - out in the real world prospecting property or working on your investment spreadsheets? Choose to spend your own time where it matters most and let BTL Calculator take care of your investment calculations for you.

Take control of your property investment portfolio.

BTL Calculator quickly calculates the return on investment (ROI) on your buy to let property.

• Save valuable time - you can get a full breakdown of important figures in less than a minute.

• Look ahead - easily change a deal to simulate a change in mortgage rates or re-sale value.

• Travel light - no need to carry a laptop with you, calculations are done right there on your phone.

Start today and make BTL Calculator a key part of your investment toolchain.

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